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I think Ms. Blackmore has some good substance to her memetics theory, but there are points where she gets too fuzzy, and her explanations didn't convince me completely of its The one that started it all for me. I wasn't a big fan of non-fiction before reading this, but afterwards I tried to grapple evolutionary biology, sociobiology, psychology I'm so curious about this stuff now; I wish I could go back to school and get guidance from a professor.

The Meme Machine. Since memes rely on memory, and memory is not digital, how effective are they as a replicator in our brains? A survey of different scientists exploring varying metaphors to express the difference between the meme as an idea and the manifestation of the meme in society.

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Being in the moment and paying attention to everything equally are strategies for escaping the self-centered aspect of memes seeking our attention. Natural selection doesn't just apply to biological designs, but exists on molecular and memetic levels as well.

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Folksonomies: evolution memetics natural selection. Folksonomies: memetics memes idea mashups.

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Folksonomies: memetics cultural evolution. Folksonomies: memetics comparative linguistics genealogy. Folksonomies: memetics maladaptive meme. Folksonomies: memetics. Some examples of ideas that won't become memes, with the surprising inclusion of books. Folksonomies: memetics imitation complexity.

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The complexity of our brains makes us natural learners and imitators. Folksonomies: memetics homosexuality taboos.

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By forcing homosexuals to live heterosexual lives, the genes for homosexuality survive.