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I have an idea, I draw it, rinse and repeat. Sometimes when we are really excited about something that is going to happen, we picture it in our minds beforehand — what a birthday party will be like, what might be under the Christmas tree, or even how a visit with our favourite people might go.

From schools to prisons, housing occupations to hospitals, Yamasaki sees her art as a vehicle for dialogue, a tool for building platforms for communication. Yamasaki has painted over 80 murals around the world. Yamasaki comes from a huge, diverse family, that is full of among many other things , artists and teachers. The best answer the book gives to ease the minds of young readers is that Mama always has enough love for everyone. But the most important part of getting ready is taking care of Mama.

Before becoming an author, she worked as an elementary school teacher, a social worker, and an illustrator. All of these are published by Carolrhoda Books, a division of Lerner publishing. As she reads, the words of the book, like the two friends, tumble and tangle into a tongue-twist of fun! The two animals, much like kids, work themselves into a frenzy as they whirl around and around one another.

Around, round hound. Around, groundhog! The pace picks up Around and around and astound and astound!

Prancer has disappeared! Where in the world could he be? In the Philippine Islands? Or Sweden? Or Sioux City, Iowa? Away in a manger — was a whole lot of noise!

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McMorrow and illustrated by James Ransome. In this original retelling, set in New York City during the height of the Harlem Renaissance, one little girl finds her voice as a musician thanks to her enchanting ad ventures with a magical toy. McMorrow T. McMorrow belongs to the third generation of writers in his family. Many years ago, he worked as a stagehand for the Dance Theatre of Harlem, an experience that helped plant the first seeds of inspiration for this book.

Meet Tony Sarg, puppeteer extraordinaire, rendered in brilliant collage illustrations! Watch the Read Out Loud Episode! Sunday dinner is on the table. It was a defining moment in her life and has made her into the artist she is today. As an illustrator, she includes children of all ethnic backgrounds in her stories and artwork. She wants all children to see their unique experiences reflected in the books they read so they can feel the same sense of empowerment and recognition she experienced as a young reader.

Will it be the worst birthday ever? Or is there a surprise waiting at the end of this story? With pirates, prizes, and playful rhyme, this story is sure to surprise readers until the very last page. This beloved classic and celebration of nature—written by a beloved Caldecott winner—is lovelier than ever! The countless lupines that bloom along the coast of Maine are the legacy of the real Miss Rumphius, the Lupine Lady, who scattered lupine seeds everywhere she went. Miss Rumphius received the American Book Award in the year of publication.

One day the hermit is sitting under a tree when suddenly he sees a little, helpless mouse that is going to be eaten by a cat. The hermit decides to change the mouse into a cat. Later the old ma n sees the cat afraid of a dog and changes the cat into a dog. The next day the hermit sees a tiger trying to eat the dog and decides to change the dog into a majestic tiger. As the days pass, the majestic tiger begins to think that he is the king of the place and that all the animals must respect him including the old hermit.

One day the hermit reminds the tiger that he is really a mouse and that he should not be acting the way he is acting. The tiger feels so angry that he decides to eat the hermit, but he does not know that the old man is able to read thoughts. Finally the hermit changes the tiger back into a mouse and tells him to learn how to take care of himself. Hildie Bitterpickles is a little witch with a big problem. Her neighbours are keeping her awake at all hours! What does a witch have to do to get some sleep? Her quiet neighborhood has been turned upside down with the sudden arrival of the old woman in her shoe, big bad wolf, and other fairy tale characters.

Can they find a way to strike the right balance? Exuberant Peanut and steadfast Moe are roommates and best friends. Peanut is messy. Moe is neat. Peanut is loud. Moe is quiet. Peanut always wants more.

Cinderella Story - Episode 1 - Story of Cinderella - Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories For Kids

Moe always wants a little less. Can these two learn to appreciate their differences? I listened to old-time mystery radio theater in my room and built yarn canopies between trees. I could never serve the volleyball in gym class but I could draw dragons that leapt off the page. After 13 years of wearing plaid uniforms I went to art school. I graduated from Syracuse University, worked as a compositor in animation, and as an art director creating products for the scrapbooking market. My children inspire me every single day to be creative and do my best. Today I write and illustrate books from my New Hampshire home.

I still like yarn, and table tennis is my only game. The fiery old Judge, impatient with such foolish nonsense, calls them scoundrels, ninnyhammers, and throws them all in jail. Head first! The chicks hatch and we find Hoot, an adorable owlet, and Honk, a fuzzy gosling, in the wrong nests! Everything is a bit confusing for our little friends as they make their way in this mixed up world. Will they find their way home? Some sleep in the dark, and some in the light. Visionaries are often misunderstood.

Seaver looks up at the night sky and finds inspiration — sparkling squares and hexagons and triangles. The problem is, Seaver is an orb spider and orb spiders only weave round webs. Will anyone see the beauty in his work? Told with quiet charm, this picture book is sure to tangle readers in a web of delight. Mom and Dad are smitten. The Bunny family has adopted a wolf son, and daughter Dot is the only one who realizes Wolfie can—and might—eat them all up!

Dot tries to get through to her parents, but they are too smitten to listen. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Our average joe is transformed! But who is this mysterious hero, and why does he disappear o nce his job is done? Super-silliness ahead! Songwriter and comedy writer extraordinaire Alan Katz has turned those and other old favorites on their ears and created new nonsense songs kids will love. With zany, spirited pictures by illustrator and cartoonist David Catrow, this kooky collection guarantees laughs and plenty of silly dillyness for kids everywhere! These are the only words in this fabulously fun picture book!

Will the zoo keeper find them? And Penguin? Will the zookeeper find them? Or will these clever runaways stay one step ahead disguised as subway riders, baseball players, and even grand opera performers? Hiding in plain sight, they elude the clueless zookeeper until a fly ball at a baseball game leads Walrus and Penguin to a chance encounter with surprising results.

But when Piper gets chosen to be a flight attendant, her little fib suddenly feels like a very big problem. Could the X-ray vision glasses Piper found in the Fairy Tree help her out? Learn more about Ellen at www. She now lives in Toronto with her partner and works as a designer and illustrator. Her father, an artist himself, was a great influence on her. She grew up surrounded by paintings, and it became a second nature for her to express herself through art. No matter how few. But when the restaurant is totally full, will Panda make room for one more guest?

Express emotions through direct speech. Find empathy through imagination. Connect with the earth. Wonder at the beauty of the natural world. Breathe, taste, smell, touch, and be present. Listen to learn more about this woman of humble origins whose courage and compassion changed the lives of those around her, and ultimately the course of history.

We know her today as Harriet Tubman, but in her lifetime she was called by many names. An evocative poem and opulent watercolors come together to honor a woman of humble origins whose courage and compassion make her larger than life. Learn about the refugee family who would do anything to find the pet cat they carried from Iraq to Greece while fleeing the war.

So they carry him with them from Iraq to Greece , keeping their secret passenger hidden away. But during the crowded boat crossing to Greece, his carrier breaks and the frightened cat runs from the chaos. In one moment, he is gone. After an unsuccessful search, his family has to continue their journey, leaving brokenhearted.

A few days later, aid workers in Greece find the lost cat. Knowing how much his family has sacrificed already, they are desperate to reunite them with the cat they love so much. This lush picture book launches readers into a world of imagination: a glo rious underwater adventure with seas of brilliantly colored fish, shadowy predators, and two friends who long to be reunited. With a clever seek-and-find element on each spread, there are treasures to be pored over again and again. But are they now too well dressed for recess? Not to worry—Mary always shows her flair for what to wear!

Oliver is not like other cats. He likes cookies and tea and just wants a friend to share them with — even if the friend he finds happens to be a mouse! He likes cookies and tea and just wants a friend to share them with. One order of stone soup, please — to go! Download and serve it up in the car, on the beach, in the park — anywhere! This story, about three hungry soldiers who outwit the greedy inhabitants of a village into providing them with a feast, is based on an old French tale.

Tails stringy. Scaled tails strong and—clingy! Along the way, youngsters will learn about counting, opposites, and how animals use their tails. A tried and true tail-wagger! But what happens when his brother Paco lets them all out? Can friends Sam, Pam, Will and Jill get their acts together and make it to the beach before the day ends?! Sam, Pam, Will and Jill are hot and sweaty. But with Sam, Pam, Will and Jill, nothing is as easy as it seems. Will they actually make it to the beach?

Illustrated by Scott Nash. Join illustrator Lori Hanson on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as she tells this modern fairy tale inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Despite opposition, she teaches the kingdom to love bubblegum bubbles as much as she does. A disclaimer worthy of note: Neither HRH Queen Elizabeth II, her corgis, nor any individual associated with the British Royal Family has authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved of this thoroughly, totally, utterly, and quite unequivocally unauthorized book!

Twenty different puppy breeds — what do they all have in common? Cleverly designed pull tabs and flaps plus ten pettable textures provide interactive treats that will have the whole family arfing along from start to surprising finish. The Animal Winter Games are swinging into gear at the South Pole, but there is one minor issue: the Penguins keep crashing into everything! Suddenly they spy the Penguins zooming downhill.

The Penguins keep slamming into things So they all try again, with Peg shouting directions each time they come to a hurdle. Luckily, Cat points out some directional arrows to follow! Ok, maybe two. You might never look at this popular, garden mini-beast the same way again! Mantis, one of brothers and sisters born on a garden bush. Told in dated entries, P. Okay, maybe two. With bold, beautiful art and a text both humorous and scientifically accurate, My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis introduces young children to the life cycle of a familiar insect. Oh, my! A pre-Darwinian naturalist who trampled barefoot through the snake-infested jungles of South America; a nineteenth-century Swedish engineer who set out for the North Pole in a gas-filled balloon; and a Victorian woman who, after a sheltered life in a London suburb, pursued a fish and fetish mission in West Africa.

These are just a few of the intrepid travelers whose exploits are dramatically evoked in this fascinating book. Bo Zaunders and Roxie Munro have brought together people of rare individual initiative and sketched their stories from diaries, letters, and books. As success is not necessarily a gauge of valor, their quests do not always turn out as they hoped.

What really matters is how they dealt with unexpected, often desperate situations. Their stories make for compelling, even spellbinding reading. An effortless combination of geography, history, and biography, this book again proves what lovers of nonfiction already know: that true-life stories can be as rich, as elucidating, and as gripping to read as any fiction. Can you guess whose eggs these are? Do you know which bird builds nests that can weigh as much as a car? Or which bird sleeps on the water with one eye open?

Find out on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud! Ah, the wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet! On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, Rocket and his animal pals go on a journey from A to Z while introducing listeners to art and nature. From finding acorns, to balancing on a ball, to offering a cookie and a crayon to a crow, readers will love exploring the wonderful world of Rocket and his friends. The whole cast is featured, among them the little yellow bird, the owl, Bella the squirrel, and more.

Life is tough when you are little in the big city. Amid the hustle and bustle, Little Elliot learns that when small creatures work together they can do great things. Amid the hustle and bustle of the big city, the big crowds and bigger buildings, Little Elliot leads a quiet life. In spite of t he challenges he faces, Elliot finds many wonderful things to enjoy—like cupcakes! Julia is big. They both love ballet.

Emma takes ballet lessons. So does Julia. Emma is learn ing to be a ballerina. Julia is a professional ballerina. They are both excited about the big performance in the theater tonight. Emma will be watching from the audience. Julia will be dancing onstage! And afterwards, Emma will go backstage to meet her ballet hero!

Although the book starts in the middle of winter — presumably the best time for chicken soup — a case is made for the presence of chicken soup in every season. Each rhyme is introduced with a decorative bar, framing the name of each month like a calendar. An excellent read-aloud, demonstrating the progression of the year, seasons, and the power of poetry.

Goodbyes can be really tough. If your little one is struggling, we have just the thing. With its accessible style and kindhearted text, The Goodbye Book will serve kids as a sympathetic friend during trying times. Wolf gets a bad wrap. And that person is A. His tale starts with a birthday cake for his dear old granny, a bad head cold and a bad reputation. The rest as they say is history. With everything going on in the world, we could all use a hug. Written by Caroline B. Seuss Special podcast edition of Read Out Loud. But how?! Written and illustrated by Dr. What happens w hen a brother and sister visit a pet store to pick a pet?

The tale captures a classic childhood moment, choosing a pet and uses it to illuminate a life lesson: that it is hard to make up your mind, but sometimes you just have to do it. Told in Dr. Something you might not know about author, Tish Rabe, is that she trained as an opera singer! The simple promise of togetherness offered in this board book is enhanced by interactive prompts throughout, encouraging parents to engage with their child while reading.

Studies show that asking questions, like the ones in this book, helps children learn to read faster than if they just listen to a story. Te amo, te Abrazo, leo contigo! It also offers the opportunity for Spanish speakers to learn English and English speakers to learn Spanish! Even grown-ups make mistakes! Todd Parr brings a timely theme to life with his signature bold, kid-friendly illustrations and a passion for making readers feel good about themselves, encouraging them to try new things, experiment, and dare to explore new paths.

From coloring outside the lines and creating a unique piece of art to forgetting an umbrella but making a new friend, each page offers a kid-friendly take on the importance of taking chances, trying new things, and embracing life, mistakes and all. Will he ever learn moderation? Now meet the old dragon who swallows pretty much an entire kingdom Will he ever learn a little moderation?

But do you know Maria? With gorgeous, Peruvian-inspired illustrations and English and Spanish retellings, Angela Dominguez gives a fresh new twist to the classic rhyme. Maria and her mischievous little llama will steal your heart. How do two pirate friends turn a button into a new sailing ship? A sad friend. One button for three teacups. SWAP two teacups for four coils of rope. Farmer McPeeper is a very deep sleeper — so who will wake him while Rooster is on holiday at the beach? Will cock-a-doodle-moo do the trick?

When the rooster is away, who is there to ring in the day? Cock-a-Doodle Oops! How hard can it be to wake up a sleeping farmer? The irresistible humor in this barnyard comedy builds vocabulary while encouraging children to cock-a-doodle-uh-oh along with the silly farm animals. Tek spends all his time in his cave glued to tech. Sitting in the dark on his own, he seems to have forgotten that a world exists beyond his screen.

His only method of communication? As a winter storm rages outside, deep in his warm cave, Bear sleeps soundly. Bear seems to be able to sleep through nearly anything — but what will happen if he wakes? But even after the tea has been brewed and the corn has been popped, Bear just snores on! See what happens when he finally wakes up and finds his cave full of uninvited guests — all of them having a party without him. Peg and Cat are excited to take their first order from the Teens only to learn that some of their customers want a whole pizza while one of them wants half a pie.

Luckily, Ramone and Mac are there to help, with a slice up the middle of the pizza. As more customers come in, things get entertaining, with Peg singing a jazzy song and Cat doing a dance. Join Jacob and his dad as they leave the house before dawn to watch the sunrise over the ocean. He puts on his hearing aids and clothes, then goes to wake his father.

Together they brave the cold as they walk down the dirt road that leads to the beach. They are excited about their adventure—soon they will see the sunrise. Louise loves art — drawing, creating, and displaying. Art is everything to her. Art is also her little brother. Art loves Louise and everything she does. Art loves Louise so much he decides to make his own art just for her. A playful ode to the limitless curiosity and creativity of children and the boundless love siblings share. Louise loves art more than anything. Louise also loves Art, her little brother.

This is their story. Ame and Zach act out the story in costume. Note: no lemmings were harmed in the filming of this story. Can she learn to eat kimchi like the big kids? Her grandma has a plan. Yoomi hates stinky, spicy kimchi—the pickled cabbage condiment served at Korean meals. So her brothers call her a baby and refuse to play with her. Yoomi is determined to eat kimchi.

She tries to disguise it by eating it on a cookie, on pizza, and in ice cream. Then Grandma shows Yoomi how to make kimchi pancakes. A kimchi pancake recipe and other back matter are included. There is nothing more beautiful than being yourself. For families of all stripes comes a sweet celebration of what make s us unique—and what holds us together.

Look at you! You look so cute,in your brand-new birthday suit. Just savor these bouquets of babies—cocoa-brown, cinnamon, peaches and cream. As they grow, their clever skin does too, enjoying hugs and tickles, protecting them inside and out, and making them one of a kind.

It makes him look and feel so good! Tension, drama, intrigue! A fascinating page out of American history and an unmissable episode for budding history lovers. Gravely injured and with little chance for more military honors, Major General Benedict Arnold seeks reward and recognition another way. This title also includes an afterword, timelines of the lives of both men, an extensive bibliography, and a list of key places to visit. The story is a beautiful reminder that big or small, we all have special talents to share.

The little red lighthouse feels insignificant and useless in comparison but soon learns that. This classic story by Hans Christian Andersen reveals the the one and only test whether or not a girl is a true princess. Does she have what it takes?

Table of contents

Proofread by Claire Deakin. Read by Natasha. Duration just 4. So he travelled through the whole world to find one, but ther e was always something against each. There were plenty of princesses, but he could not find out if they were true princesses. In every case there was some little defect, which showed the genuine article was not yet found.

So he came home again in very low spirits, for he had wanted very much to have a true princess. One night there was a dreadful storm; it thundered and lightened, and the rain streamed down in torrents. It was fearful! There was a knocking heard at the palace gate, and the old king went to open it. There stood a princess outside the gate; but oh! What a sad plight she was in from the rain and the storm! The water was running down from her hair and her dress into the points of her shoes and out at the heels again.

Yet she said she was a true princess. But she said nothing, and went into the sleeping room, took off all the bedclothes, and laid a pea on the bottom of the bed. Then she put twenty mattresses on top of the pea, and twenty eiderdown quilts on the top of the mattresses. This was the bed in which the princess was to sleep.

The next morning she was asked how she had slept. I laid on something so hard that my whole body is black and blue. It was dreadful! No one but a true princess could be so sensitive. So the prince married her, for now he knew that at last he had gotten hold of a true princess. The pea was put into the Royal Museum, where it is still to be seen, if no one has stolen it. Now this is a true story. Duration 6 minutes 5 seconds Proofread by Claire Deakin. It happened in ancient times that a slave named Androcles escaped from his master and fled into the forest, and he wandered ther e for a long time until he was weary.

Just then he heard a lion near him moaning and groaning and at times roaring terribly. And when he tried to get up, there he saw the lion coming towards him. Instead of attacking him it kept on moaning and groaning and looking at Androcles, who saw that the lion was holding out his right paw, which was covered with blood and very much swollen.

One day, a number of soldiers came marching through the forest and found Androcles. They took him prisoner and brought him back to the town, and he was condemned to death because he had fled from his master. The Emperor of Rome was in the royal box that day and gave the signal for the lion to come out and attack Androcles. But when it came out of its cage and got near Androcles, what do you think it did? Instead of jumping upon him, it rubbed up against him, and stroked him with its paw.

It was of course the lion which Androcles had met in the forest. The Emperor summoned Androcles to him. So Androcles told the Emperor all that had happened to him and how the lion was showing gratitude for his having relieved it of the thorn. Thereupon, the emperor pardoned Androcles and ordered his master to set him free, while the lion was taken back into the forest and let loose to enjoy freedom once more. Storynory was founded by Hugh Fraser and Matthew Lynn. Check out Storynory on iTunes, too! What would you do?

His secret?

The Magical Adventures of Princess Carrina: All Three Books!

He had a kind heart. The Golden Goose Read by Natasha. Duration The eldest two were strong and tall, and their mother and father were always telling them how handsome and clever they were — but the youngest son was, to tell you the truth, just a bit simple in the head. They hardly ever called him by his real name, but instead they gave him a cruel nickname. They called him Dummy, because they said he was stupid. One day the eldest son wanted to go to the forest to cut wood. The mother praised him for being such a useful boy, and before he set out she gave him some of her best fruit cake for his lunch, and a bottle of wine to wash it down.

He put a curse on the boy, so that when he started to cut a tree down, his axe slipped and went into his leg. The boy limped home to his mother who washed his wound and bandaged him. The next day, the second eldest son went out to the forest to cut wood. Before he set out, his mother praised him for being such a useful boy, but especially asked him to be careful with the axe, so as not to have a nasty accident like his brother. The boy promised not to be careless, and his mother gave him some of her best sponge cake for his lunch, and a bottle of wine to wash it down.

It happened that as the boy was walking through the woods, he came across the same little grey old man. Not long after, when the boy was cutting down a tree, his axe flew out of his hand and hit him on the head. He crawled home to his mother who bandaged up his wound and asked him why he had not kept his promise to be more careful.

For the rest of the week, the two eldest sons were both lying in bed recovering from their wounds. Why are you sitting around doing nothing, when both brothers are hurt and unable to work? As the youngest boy was going through the woods, he met the same little grey old man who had crossed the path of his brothers.

You see that old tree over there. Cut it down with your axe and you will find something of value inside its hollow trunk. Inside he found a goose — but this was no ordinary bird, for its feathers were made of gold. How can I use this format? Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review.

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